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09 08:
FC Lokomotiv will provide its stadium for the Champions League qualifying match between CSKA Moscow and Glasgow Rangers. At the same time, the return Russian Cup game Lokomotiv - Chernomorets is postponed until 8 September.

07 08: Lokomotiv - Spartak 0:0


6.08: Mikhail Ashvetia's health is improving.
The striker received a serious head injury in the very end of the Russian Cup match against Chernomorets. He was immediately placed in Central Navigation Hospital in Novorosiiysk and diagnosed with concussion.
The doctors reported today that Mikhail's health is getting better, but he still needs a 10-day rest period and will not return to Moscow until next Tuesday.

4.08: Three Lokomotiv players were called to their national teams. Vitaly Bordiyan will join Moldova, Ruslan Pimenov will play for Russia-2 against Kazakhstan, and Sergei Gurenko will play for Belarus against Turkey.

4.08: Vladimir Maminov, who has not played for two months due to injury, started training according to his individual program.

31 .07: Chernomorets - Lokomotiv 1:0

35-pen Denitse

30.07: Marat Izmailov signed a new 2 year contract with Lokomotiv. The 21 year old midfielder is still undergoing his individual post-injury treatment procedures.

30.07: Defender Denis Evsikov moves to the 1st Division club Terek Grozny, which won the Russian Cup this season and will play in the UEFA Cup. Former CSKA Moscow 23-year old player joined Lokomotiv a few months ago, but did not have many appearances on the pitch.

30.07: 19 year old midfielder Diniyar Bilyaletdinov signed a new 5 year contract with Lokomotiv.

24.07: Lokomotiv - Dynamo 2:1
25 Beschastnykh, 56 Khokhlov, 76 Evseev

17.07: Zenit - Lokomotiv 0:2
17 Sychev, 90+3 Pimenov

16.07: The evening training at "Petrovsky" stadium continued for 1 hour. After stretching the players exercised in shooting and then had a short game.

16.07: The largest ever number of people will travel to support Lokomotiv outside Moscow tomorrow. A special train arranged by Loko-tour will carry about 700 Lokomotiv fans to Saint-Petersburg.

16.07: Today Lokomotiv flew to Saint-Petersburg for the Premier League 17th round game against Zenit. The team includes goalkeepers Ovchinnikov, Khapov; defenders Nizhegorodov, Pashinin, Evseev, Sennikov, Gurenko, Evsikov; midfielders Lima, Loskov, Cesnauskis, Khokhlov, Bilyaletdinov, Wagner; strikers Sychev, Parks, Ashvetia, Pimenov. Injured Maminov, Asatiani, Obiorah, Izmailov and Nigmatullin stayed in Moscow. Lokomotiv will live in "Pribaltiyskaya" hotel and it will be training at "Petrovsky" stadium this evening.

15.07: Francisco Lima was officially presented at Lokomotiv press-center today. The former AS Roma player signed a two-year contract with Lokomotiv. Lima said that he is full of desire to help his new team and he will join the rest of the players later today at Bakovka base. Lokomotiv president Valery Filatov handed Lima a shirt with number 5 and expressed hope that Lima will solidify the midfield.

14.07: Lokomotiv had only one training session today at Bakovka base. In the first half players perfected their aerial and passing skills and then divided in two teams and played a short training game, which occured under heavy rain. Francisco Lima took part in the training, as well as reserve team's Plaskonny, Kontsedalov and Voronkin. Izmailov and Asatiani trained according to their individual programmes, and Obiorah did not train due to injury.

14.07: Brazilian midfielder Francisco Lima has arrived in Moscow for discussion of contract details with Lokomotiv. The 33-year old played in Italy for AS Roma for the last three years.

14.07: Reserve team midfielder Akhalkatsi and defender Campira moved to FC Baltika Kaliningrad on loan until the rest of the season. The players will help Baltika in struggle to survive in the Russian 1st Division.

13.07: Lokomotiv started preparations for the key match against Zenit St-Petersburg, who are curretly second in the Premier League. There are two training sessions today, both at Lokomotiv's Bakovka training base.
Midfielder Marat Izmailov also resumed training today.

12.07: The 1/16 Russian Cup draw took place at the Russian Football Union headquarters today. Lokomotiv will play against the 1st Division Chernomorets Novorosiysk, with the first game away 31 July and return game 10 August.

11.07: The 1:0 victory over Krylya Sovetov let goalkeeper Sergei Ovchinnikov reach a remarkable achievement with 100 clean sheet matches in the Russian championship. His first match without conceeding a goal was as far as in 1992 against Dynamo Stavropol. Valery Filimonov, who currently plays for FC Moskva, is the only other goalkeeper with more than a hundreed cleen sheet games (109) since the start of Russian championships in 1992.

10.07: Lokomotiv - Krylya Sovetov 1:0
Goal: 79 Khokhlov

07.07: Dynamo - Lokomotiv 2:4
Goals: 8 Murygin, 24 Vlchek, 49 Evseev, 59 Sychev, 76 Parks, 82 Sychev

06.06: Portugal - Lithuania 4:1
Deividas Cesnauskis
played for Lithuania.

05.06: Lokomotiv arrived to Font-Romeu where it will stay until 16 June. The team includes:

Goalkeepers: Budakov, Khapov
Defenders: Asatiani, Gurenko, Campira, Nizhegorodov, Evsikov, Pashinin, Lekgetho
Midfielders: Bilyaletdinov, Voznesensky, Ivanov, Voronkin, Khokhlov, Cesnauskis, Wagner, Maminov
Forwards: Akhalkatsi, Ashvetia, Buznikin, Pimenov, Parks, Obiorah

03.06: Georgy Yartsev included 6 Lokomotiv players (Sergei Ovchinnikov, Vadim Evseev, Dmitry Sennikov, Marat Izmailov, Dmitry Loskov and Dmitry Sychev) in the Russian national team for Euro-2004.

25.05: During the Euro-2004 break from 4 to 16 June Lokomotiv (except players going to Portugal) will be preparing for the second half of the season in Font-Romeu (France).

25.05: Austria - Russia 0:0
Sergei Ovchinnikov, Vadim Evseev and Marat Izmailov
played for Russia.

22.05: Krylya Sovetov - Lokomotiv 1:0
Goal: 23 Karyaka

19.05: Lokomotiv - Zenit 0:1
Goal: 89 Kerzhakov

18.05: Russia coach Georgy Yartsev called 5 Lokomotiv players (Sergei Ovchinnikov, Vadim Evseev, Marat Izmailov, Dmitry Loskov and Dmitry Sychev) for a friendly game against Austria 25 May.

18.05: Defender Dmitry Sennikov will miss the next two Premier League games and Russia friendly game due to an injury received in Vladikacvkaz.

17.05: Lokomotiv assistant coach Vladimir Eshtrekov turned 57! Happy birthday!

17.05: Former Lokomotiv assistant coach Andrei Semin is appointed a head coach of Baltika Kaliningrad (1st Division)

16.05: Yuri Semin: Sychev is seriously injured.
Lokomotiv coach commented yesterday's accident.
-"Concerning Sychev, he received a rather serious injury. Drozdov did it by accident, but the injury turned out serious"

15.05: Alania - Lokomotiv 1:2
Goals: 76 Loskov, 83 Tudor, 85 Obiorah
More>>> video

14.05: Marat Izmailov will not play against Alania tomorrow. The midfielder is in Germany undergoing medical examination

11.05: Yuri Semin turned 57! Happy birthday!

08.05: Lokomotiv - Kuban 3:0
Goals: 15 Khokhlov, 42 Sychev, 45 Loskov
Lokovideo video

01.05: Rostov - Lokomotiv 1:2
Goals: 10, 60 Sychev, 90-pen Osinov
Lokovideo video: 0:1, 0:2

28.04: Norway - Russia 3:2
Dmitry Sennikov, Vadim Evseev, Dmitry Loskov, Marat Izmailov and Dmitry Sychev played for Russia.

28.04: Belarus - Lithuania 1:0
Deividas Cesnauskis
and Sergei Gurenko played for Lithuania and Belarus, respectively.

27.04: Russia-2 - Germany-2006 1:1
Ruslan Nigmatullin
played for Russia-2 in the second half.

26.04: 11 Lokomotiv players joined their national teams today. These include 6 Russian players, Jacob Lekgetho (South Africa), Sergei Gurenko (Belarus), Deividas Cesnauskis (Lithuania), Viltaly Bordiyan (Moldova) and Pavel Plaskonny (Belarus Youth)

24.04: Rotor - Lokomotiv 2:2
Goals: 2 Sychev, 15, 28 Esipov, 90+5 Sychev
Lokovideo Video

23.04: Goalkeeper Ruslan Nigmatullin and defender Gennady Nizhegorodov are called to play for Russia-2 against Germany-2006 team 27 April

22.04: Russia coach Georgy Yartsev called 6 Lokomotiv players (Sergei Ovchinnikov, Dmitry Sennikov, Vadim Evseev, Dmitry Loskov, Marat Izmailov, Dmitry Sychev) for a friendly game against Norway 28 April.

21.04: Lokomotiv - Shinnik 4:1
Goals: 42-pen Loskov, 54 Khokhlov, 56 Gurenko, 57 Shirko, 72 Sychev
Despite scoring four goals Lokomotiv is out of the Russian Cup on away goal rule and so Loko missed the last opportunity to qualify for the UEFA Cup this season.
More>>> Video

20.04: The Disciplinary Committee disqualified Lokomotiv coach Yuri Semin for two games and fined 30 000 roubles following a report by Shinnik Yaroslavl - Lokomotiv Moscow match inspector. Therefore Semin will not be present at Lokomotiv bench during the Russian Cup second leg match with Shinnik tomorrow, and the next Premier League match against Rotor Volgograd.

17.04: Lokomotiv - CSKA 1:0
Goal: 55 Khokhlov
RTR video video

17.04: Deividas Cesnauskis is called to Lithuania national team for a friendly game against Belarus.

14.04: Shinnik - Lokomotiv 3:0
Goals: 26-pen Lutsenko, 45+1 Karpenko, 87 Khazov

13.04: Belarus coach Anatoly Baidachny called Sergei Gurenko for a friendly match with Lithuania on 28 April.

13.04: Diniyar Bilyaletdinov will join Russia-U19 squad for the Euro-2004 qualification games against Romania, Croatia and Turkey on 19, 21 and 23 April, respectively.

10.04: Saturn - Lokomotiv 1:2
Goals: 74 Sychev, 90 Pimenov, 90+2 Bazhenov

07.04: Lokomotiv - Torpedo-Metallurg 0:1
Goal: 23 Bracamonte
More>>> video report

06.04: Malkhaz Asatiani and Dmitry Khokhlov recovered from injuries. Today Asatiani started to train with the team, while Khokhlov follows his individual recovery programm.
Dmitry Sennikov had both eyebrows slashed in the previous game and a few stitches were put in it. The defender is unlikely to play tomorrow.

03.04: Due to extremely bad weather Lokomotiv had to postpone their return from Kazan to Moscow until Sunday.

03.04: Rubin - Lokomotiv 0:0
Full match report and press-conference>>>

31.03: Lokomotiv - Belarus 1:3
Goals: 16 Romaschenko, 33 Parks, 45 Kutuzov, 48 Omelianchuk
Sergei Gurenko played for Belarus
LokoVideo Video report

31.03: Bulgaria - Russia 2:2
Dmitry Sychev
scored two goals in the first half to put Russia in the lead. He was substituted at half-time along with Dmitry Loskov, who was a central figure in the midfield. Sergei Ovchinnikov, Vadim Evseev and Dmitriy Sennikov played entire match for Russia

RTR-Sport Video report

31.03: Germany-U21 - Georgia 2:2
Mikhail Ashvetia
played for Georgia in the first half.

31.03: Bulgaria-U21 - Russia-U21 0:0
Diniyar Bilyaletdinov
came on to play at 40 minute.

29.03: Marat Izmailov
was injured in the game against Torpedo Moscow and he will not play for Russia against Bulgaria.

29.03: Pavel Plaskonny
scored for Belarus-U19 in the match against Cyprus-U19. The young Belorussians won 5:1.

28.03: Torpedo - Lokomotiv 1:1

Goals: 16 Bilyaletdinov, 22 Panov
Lokomotiv homegrown Diniyar Bilyaletdinov scored on his debute after Dmitry Loskov free-kick cross, but it was not enough to secure the win against city rivals, who used a miistake in defence to equalise and held Loko to a draw.
LokoVideo video

Russia coach Georgy Yartsev called Sergei Ovchinnikov, Dmitry Sennikov, Vadim Evseev, Marat Izmailov, Dmitry Loskov and Dmitry Sychev for a friendly game against Bulgaria on 31 March.

24.03: Lokomotiv - Rubin 1:0

Goal: 20 Izmailov
Marat Izmailov produced another goal with a shot in the lower left corner after Dmitry Sychev's pass taking Loko into the Russian Cup quaterfinals to play against Shinnik Yaroslavl.>>>


Two more Lokomotiv players are called to their national teams. Mikhail Ashvetia will play for Georgia against Germany Youth team. And Jacob Lekgetho will fly to London to prepare for a friendly match against Austarlia.

21.03: Lokomotiv - Amkar 0:0

Lokomotiv failed to break Amkar's heavy defence in the Premier League second round game. The Perm team looked sharp in counter-attacks and earned a penalty at 67 minutes, but Ovchinnikov saved it. >>>

LOKOVIDEO - penalty

RTR interview with Sergei Ovchinnikov and penalty

Midfielder Diniyar Bilyaletdinov is called to Russia Youth team (Under 21) for a friendly against Bulgaria Youth on 31 March.

Lokomotiv continue to prepare for the Premier League second round match against the Urals debutants Amkar Perm. The team trains twice a day starting at 10.30 and 16.00. Dmitry Khokhlov, Maxim Buznikin and Malkhaz Asatiani did not participate in the first training today. In the afternoon Loko had a photosession arranged by the club with 'Sever' agency.

Belarus national team and Lokomotiv will play a friendly game 31 March in Moscow. Lokomotiv defender Sergei Gurenko will play for Belarus, or he may play for Loko if Yuri Semin requests it.

Midfielder Deividas Cesnauskis is called to Lithuania national team for a friendly game with Israel 31 March.

Medical examination showed that Malkhaz Asatiani will be out of play for at least three weeks with a hamstring muscle injury.

15.03: Lokomotiv - Shinnik 3:0
Goals: 4 Izmailov, 33, 39 Sychev.
In the opening Premier League match Loko easily defeated Yaroslavl team. Marat Izmailov produced the first goal when he slalomed past two Shinnik defenders and sent the ball into the right low corner. Then Dmitry Sychev left-shooted from 25 meters to open his Premier League goal record, and scored another when Shinnik goalkeeper failed to stop the ball after Loskov's long pass. Unfortunately, Malkhaz Asatiani streched leg muscle and was substituted by Dmitry Sennikov at half-time.>>>


RTR Video Report

10.03: Monaco - Lokomotiv 1:0
Goal: 60 Prso.
Ten-man FC Lokomotiv Moscow were beaten by AS Monaco with the only goal from Croatian striker Dado Prso. Sergey Ovchinnikov made a brilliant spot-kick save early in the game. Score 1-0 at the Stade Louis II was enough for the French side to qualify on the away goals rule>>>

04.03: Rubin - Lokomotiv 1:1
Goals: 43 Aloisio, 45+1 Sytchev >>>

Lokomotiv received Dmitry Sychev's transfer certificate from Marseille. The striker will be able to play against Rubin Kazan in the Russian Cup match.

During a trip to the Russian Far East the FC Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich offered Russian Railways president Gennady Fadeev to organize a friendly match between London side and Lokomotiv Moscow.
Yuri Semin gave his comments: "We will be pleased to play such a game. I am sure we can find a day for it. And it is very important that the match is played at our stadium. No doubt, it will be a big present for all football fans."

29.02: Khimki - Lokomotiv 0:1
Goal: 38 Cesnauskis >>>
Lithuanian midfielder Deividas Cesnauskis scored his first goal in official match for Loko. The match was played at a neutral Luzhniki stadium in Moscow as the 1st Division Khimki's home ground was not ready for the early start of the season. 5:0 aggregate victory takes Lokomotiv to the 1/8 round to play against Premier League 2003 bronze medalists Rubin Kazan.

Lokomotiv is named the team of the week by UEFA for the second time in Champions League 2003/04. The first time was last October when Loko beat Inter Milan 3:0.

Two Lokomotiv players were injured in the match against Monaco. Dmitry Sennikov broke his nose and will not play against Khimki. Dmitry Khokhlov has a back injury and his participation is also doubtful.

25.02: Marat Izmailov
will fly to Munchen for medical examination today. The midfielder, who scored a brilliant goal against Monaco, still suffers from his old leg and back injuries. It is not clear whether Izmailov will be able to play in the Russian Cup match with Khimki on Sunday.

24.02: Lokomotiv wins the first official 2004 match!
Lokomotiv - Monaco 2:1

Goals: 32 Izmailov, 59 Maminov, 69 Morientes

Lokomotiv coach Yuri Semin press-conference ahead of the first leg match with Monaco >>>

Lokomotiv returns from Germany to Moscow today. The team will be training at "Lokomotiv" stadium and at Bakovka base untill Tuesday match with Monaco.

18.02: Stuttgart - Lokomotiv 3:3

Goals: 5 Tuzlak, 19, 60 Muller, 68, 84 Loskov, 90 Parks More>>>

Lokomotiv Sport Director Boris Ignatiev is appointed the head coach of FC Saturn Ramenskoe. Lokomotiv wish Ignatiev all the best at his new job.

Defender Alexander Ionov will spend the next season on loan in Sokol Saratov

16.02: "I recovered from injuries and feel confident again."
Interview with James Obiorah >>>

14.02: Shimizu S-Pulse (Japan) - Russia 1:1

Dmitry Sytchev played all match for Russia.

13.02: Lokomotiv - Bonlanden 4:2

Goals: 7 Campira, 10 Pimenov, 12 Cesnauskis, 76 Ashvetia

12.02: Russia and Lokomotiv playmaker, Premier League 2003 top scorer and Russian best player 2003 Dmitry Loskov turns 30! Happy birthday captain!

11.02: Gent - Lokomotiv 0:1

Goal: 49 Ashvetia

11.02: Japan-U23 - Russia 1:1

Dmitry Sytchev played for Russia in the second half.

Two reserve team players Evgeny Zinoviev and Yuri Husyainov will spend next season on loan at FC Gomel (Belarus).>>>

Lokomotiv departed from Moscow to Belgium today. The team will stay there for two days and play a friendly game against Racing Genk on 11 February. The originally planned game with Club Brugge is cancelled since the Belgian team has to play a postponoed Jupiler League game against La Louviere that day. After the friendly Lokomotiv will move back to Ruit in Germany.

09.02: Denis Evsikov - in Loko.

22-year old defender signed for Lokomotiv after he was released from CSKA Moscow.

Lokomotiv will have a new shirt logo this year. Instead of 'MZD' (Moscow Railways) it will be 'Russian Railways'

Schaffhausen - Lokomotiv 3:1
Goals: 38 Ashvetia

"- Would you bet with Nizhegorodov on who scores first?
- We can do it. I already scored one goal, by the way..."
Full interview with Oleg Pashinin >>>

Defender Campira joined Lokomotiv in Ruit today. He chose to play with number 3.

In an interview to Yuri Semin told that Jacob Lekgetho will join the team on 11 February after the end of the African Cup of Nations.
Full interview>>>

Lokomotiv added three new players - James Obiorah, Diniyar Bilyaletdinov and Deividas Cesnauskis into the list of players for the Champions League. James Obiorah will play with number 50. Dmitry Sytchev is inelidgible to play against Monaco and he will join Russian National team for the tour in Japan later this February.

Lokomotiv - Ludwigsburg 2:1
Goals: 54 Sytchev, 78 Khokhlov

30.01: James Obiorah returns to Loko!

The Nigerian striker comes back to Lokomotiv on a 2-year contract. James will join the team in Ruit 5 February.
Vladimir Eshtrekov commented the trasfer:
We are glad to see James back with us, but he will face tough competition in the attack.

30.01: Sytchev begins scoring for Lokomotiv
Lokomotiv - Stuttgart Kickers 2:2
Goals: 28 Maminov, 47 Sytchev

Interview with Dmitry Sytchev>>>

Yesterday Dmitry Sytchev joined Lokomotiv in Ruit and received number 11 shirt.

Photoreport from Ruit>>>

29.01: Russian Football Union
announced the Premier League 2004 schedule. Lokomotiv will play the first two games at home against Shinnik Yaroslavl and Amkar Perm.
Full schedule>>>

28.01: Lokomotiv signs Dmitry Sytchev.

President Valery Filatov announced today that Olympique Marseille and Russia National team striker Dmitry Sytchev signed a 4-year contract with Lokomotiv. The contract was signed after long negotiations which began in November last year. Dmitry will not be able to play for Loko in the Champions League since he played in this tournament for Marseille.

Mozambique international Samuel Campira Chapanga also signed a 4-year contract with Lokomotiv. Central defender will later join the team in Germany.

28.01: Jacob Lekgetho
played 90 minutes for South Africa in their opening African Cup of Nations game against Benin. South Africa won 2:0.

22 Lokomotiv players flew to Germany today. Goalkeepers: SI Ovchinnikov, Khapov, Budakov. Defenders: Gurenko, Evseev, Nizhegorodov, Pashinin, Sennikov, Khatazhenkov. Midfielders: Izmailov, Asatiani, Akhalkatsi, Bilyaletdinov, Loskov, Maminov, Popel, Khokhlov, Cesnauskis. Forwards: Ashvetia, Buznikin, SV Ovchinnikov.
Igor Voznesensky and Samuel Campira Chapanga will join Lokomotiv later. Goalkeeper Ruslan Nigmatullin stayed in Moscow to undergo medical examination of headaches. Forwards Ruslan Pimenov and Dmitry Sytchev are already in Germany.

The next round of pre-season training will begin tomorrow in Ruit (Germany), where the team will stay until 7 February. Lokomotiv will play three friendlies while in Germany on 31 January, 3 February and 5 or 6 February.

24.01: Sete - Lokomotiv 1:2

Goals: 5, 62 Ashvetia

Lokomotiv returned to Moscow after the match.
Winston Parks
flew to Costa Rica to play for his country in the Olympic Qualification games against Mexico, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago from 2 to 12 February.

24.01: Carnaval de Loko
video by

20.01: Olympique Agde - Lokomotiv 2:2

Goals: 20 Parks, 52 Asatiani

Maxim Buznikin received a light foot injury which will take 3-4 days to recover.

15.01: Perpignan - Lokomotiv 2:2

Goals: 28 Asatiani, 32 Parks

Lokomotiv kicked-off the season with a friendly game against an amateur French club Perpignan.

Vladimir Eshtrekov
commented the match:
We did not set a goal to win this match. The pitch was in excellent condition. Lokomotiv was a superior team through the game but failed to use numerous scoring opportunities. For example, Parks could disappoint French goalkeeper three times. And Cesnauskis played well, but did not score from a good position.

15.01: Lokomotiv-reserve - Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk (Russian Division 1) 1:3

Goal: E. Savin

Lokomotiv reserve team played the first friendly game during pre-season training at Lokomotiv's Black Sea camp in Sochi. Most of the reserve team players were given time in the game. Only three played the full time: a potential new signing 21-year old Mozambique international defender Samuel Campira Chapanga; Moldova Youth team Vitaly Bordiyan and Belarus Youth team Pavel Plaskonny.

South African FA announced the list of 24 National team players which will participate in the African Nations Cup in Tunisia from 24 January to 14 Fabruary 2004. The list includes Lokomotiv defender Jacob Lekgetho. South Africa will start in Group D against Nigeria, Morocco and Benin.

12.01: Lokomotiv begins training after the holiday
24 players, including recently signed Deividas Chesnauskis and Roman Akhalkatsi flew to Font-Romeu in France where the team starts the first round of preseason training. Lokomotiv will miss a number of players. Sergei Ignashevich signed a contract with CSKA Moscow and Narvik Sirkhaev moved to Torpedo-Metallurg Moscow, while Marat Izmailov is recovering from injury at the Black Sea in Khosta and Ruslan Pimenov undergoes post injury rehabilitation in Dusseldorf.
Jacob Lekgetho prepares with South Africa National team for the African Nations Cup and Leandro is in Brazil..
Another big loss is Mariano Barreto, who is appointed Ghana National and Olympic team coach.
The full list of players taken to Font-Romeu:
S.I. Ovchinnikov, Nigmatullin, Budakov, Khapov, Gurenko, Evseev, Nizhegorodov, Pashinin, Sennikov, Khatazhenkov, Asatiani, Akhalkatsi, Bilyaletdinov, Wagner, Voznesensky, Loskov, Maminov, Popel, Khokhlov, Chesnauskis, Ashvetia, Buznikin, S.V. Ovchinnikov, Parks

Rebuilding of Lokomotiv stadium entrance is at full steam. The number of passes will be increased from 8 to 18. This will significantly facilitate stadium access.
To prepare the pitch for the early start of the season the heating is turned on and the grass is covered by tent, which keeps it from snow and freezing.

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