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Sergei Ovchinnikov interview to Sovetsky Sport newspaper.

Do you agree that this July Lokomotiv plays the Greece-2004 style football?

It depends on how we look at it. Judging by the result – yes, we beat everyone. But let us look at how we play. We do not defend all the time. We attacked in the match against Dynamo, and in Saint-Petersburg we played more defensively only in the second half. And in general we spend about 90% of playtime in attack.

After the Euro-2004 the experts agreed that Sergei Ovchinnikov now has a competitor in the National team – Vyacheslav Malafeev. Do you agree?

But that is great! This is how it should be - I am approaching 35. I think the goalkeepers were prepared very well at the Euro.

Did you consider the match in Saint-Petersburg as a competition with Malafeev?

No, I did not even think of such things. The victory was much more important. In addition I have very good relations with Malafeev. We wished each other good luck and then we went to do our job.

An episode at “Petrovsky” stadium at 70 minute – Ovchinnikov parries an impossible-to-save close range shot by Vlasov. How did you do it?

Vlasov’s position was very close to the goal and the goalkeeper would have no chances. I could only hope for luck, and after the ball jumped slightly I thought that Vlasov would shoot in the area around me. And so I was lucky. But it is a goalkeeper’s job to save his team throughout the season.

You were on the verge of 100 clean sheet matches, but could not achieve it for quite a long time this season. Is it to do with psychology or just because you played against strong teams?

Frankly speaking, I simply forgot about the 100th clean sheet match. We lost two games before the Euro and then we went to Portugal. So I simply forgot about all these numbers. Playing against Dynamo we had only one goal – to win. The same goal was in the game with Krylya Sovetov – which was my 100th clean sheet.

The well-known football agent Paulo Barbosa said that Ovchinnikov will never leave “Loko” anymore because he likes the club too much. But there is a saying that something which money cannot buy, the very big money can.

If Barbosa says this, then I was not offered very big money. I am happy with everything in “Loko” and money is not a priority for me. Now I am paying to the club for what it gave to me in the past. From every point of view, I will never change “Loko” for anything else.

How long is your contract with the club?

This and next year.

Did you hear that another former Porto FC player is in Russia now – Dmitry Alenichev signed a contract with Spartak Moscow?

Yes, of course. Spartak made a very good acquisition. It is a pity that Alenichev did not go to Lokomotiv.


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