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Yuri Semin press-conference at Lokomotiv stadium.

Is the early start of the season going to be a problem?

- It is always desirable to play the first match at high level. There is nothing bad in playing so early. I also count on help of our supporters, who will fill our wonderful stadium.
The only problem is that we did not have any serious games for more than two months. I hope that we will overcome this “minus” by mobilizing our will and that we will show the same football as in November.

What do you think about Monaco?

- Monaco is the leader of French championship. This alone says a lot. We watched many Monaco matches, as well as they watched our games. We perfectly know each other. There can be no secrets. It is impossible to hide anything.
The players in Monaco are very skillful, tactically literate and very mobile.

Could you compare Lokomotiv readiness a year ago and now?

- We had a week longer to prepare this year. The team is more confident now.

Do you think the game may be moved from Moscow because of the weather?

- There is no reason for this. The pitch is in ideal state and weather is good for this time of year. There are all conditions to show good football.

Are there any injuries?

- Everybody is training, even the players, who will not be able to play tomorrow – Lekgetho and Sytchev.

Will you be satisfied with a draw?

- If we play 0:0 at home and 1:1 or 2:2 in France then I will be satisfied.

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