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- James, we are glad to see you in Lokomotiv again. How long will you stay here?
- It is hard to plan for a long time in football. I can say that I signed a two-year contract, so I am a Lokomotiv player now.
- Has anything changed in your life while you were away from Lokomotiv?
- First of all, I changed myself. The period of time I spent in the Spanish Second division was very useful for me. I had to try hard to play at this level and that let me recover from injuries and feel confident again. So at the moment I am quite well prepared physically and I want to play at higher level.
- Did you find the team changed a lot?
- I know most of the players, but there are some new faces as well. I do not think there will be any adaptation problems. It is not such a long time I was away from the team.
- James, during you absence several new strikers appeared in the team. Are you ready for the competition?
- Yes, there are more good forwards in the team now. In Spain I saw some French championship matches with Sytchev, Ashvetia also made a very good impression and Pimenov recovered from injuries. But I know my strength and ready to compete for a place in the starting line-up. And I think the coaches will not be disappointed with me.
- Are you prepared to play in a different position if the team interests require it?
- Even though I often played right midfielder in Spain, I feel more comfortable as a striker and I hope to be more useful for the team in this position.
- Did you have any offers from other teams?
- Yes, I had several offers from German, Spanish and Italian clubs. One Russian club also wanted to see me. But I chose Lokomotiv, because I consider it the most competitive Russian club in Europe today. In addition, I am attracted by the opportunity to play at very high level (1/8 final) in the Champions League.
- What is the difference between Spanish Second division and Russian Premier League?
- Of course, one cannot compare such different tournaments. Naturally, the Premier League level is much higher. However, in Spain I was surprised that the attendance level never goes below 14-16 thousand. The leading clubs in Moscow collect far smaller crowds. I hope Lokomotiv will change this and its stadium will always be full.

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