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Oleg Pashinin interview to

Did you feel the absence of Ignashevich in defence in the friendlies?
- I would not say we strongly felt it, because Sergei played as defensive midfielder. Of course, we played together for a long time, we had links. But it's all right.
- What are Lokomotiv's chances against Monaco?
- Good chances. If we play the way we can, then we have good chances to pass the French club.
- What was your and team reaction to Ignashevich's transfer to CSKA Moscow?
- This is football. Transfers happen frequently here. Players go from one club to another and there is nothing criminal in this. Though I do not know what sort of agreement Sergei had with our management.
- When you returned from Japan, did you count on getting in the main team so easily?
- I did not count that it would be easy, but it happened.
- Do you regret about your decision to play for Uzbekistan?
- No, I have no regrets about it.
- Do you think that the tactical scheme of Lokomotiv defence will change after Ignashevich leave?
- No, it will not change.
- Will the team avoid the spring downturn?
- It is hard to tell. I would not want that anything like a year ago happen again. But in reality everything depends on us. I do not think we can escape a decline, but it can be different - long or short-term.
- What are your impressions from Japan? Was it just an episode or it gave you something more?
- Yes it gave a lot to me - in football and generally in life. I have only good memories from Japan.
- What was your best game last season?
- It probably did not coincide with the best team performance. There were many good games. Perhaps, the best were in the Champions League.
- Do you have any hobbies?
- I do not have any particular hobby. I try to spend more time with my family, with my children. So I do not collect ship models or bottle caps (smiling).
- Do you have a desire to play in English, Spanish or Italian club?
- I am not in the age to go abroad. In principle, my entire carrier is connected with Lokomotiv and I would like to finish it here - in Loko. But if the team management will consider selling me then I will do it.
- In the last friendlies you played against lower division German clubs. Would they be able to survive in the Russian Premier League?
- I do not know. At this stage the level of our play makes it hard to compare with other clubs.
- What was Lokomotiv's best match ever to your opinion?
- We did not play it yet.
- Against which famous clubs you would like to play?
- Manchester United and Juventus.
- Can Lokomotiv win the Champions League this year?
- This is football, everything can happen.
- In Russian Premier League, is there any team or a striker with which Lokomotiv defence cannot cope?
- It is difficult to play against any team - they all have their good sides.
- Would you bet with Nizhegorodov on who scores first?
- We can do it. I already scored one goal, by the way, but I do not remember against which team. With a bet we will be more motivated.

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