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Dmitry Sytchev interview to

- Do you love Loko as much as you did Spartak, Dynamo Kiev and Olympique?
- There can be no such thing as love to clubs in football.
- How long will you stay in Loko?
- 4 years.
- How did you like the atmosphere in the new team?

- It's normal. I had a very warm greeting.
- What is your goal at Euro2004?
- The main thing is to be included in the squad and then we will see.
- And what are your goals with Lokomotiv this season?
- To win the Premiership and the Cup. It is a pity that I will not be able to help the lads in the Champions League.
- Games against which teams will be the most important for you in the Premier League?
- I will try to score against any team equally.
- Having played in the French championship. What do you think about the level of Russian league? What place would Lokomotiv take in France?
- No doubt, Lokomotiv would take a high place. The level of Russian championship is growing, there are good players coming from abroad.
- What are Lokomotiv chances against Monaco?
- It will be tough for Lokomotiv. Monaco is a very strong team.
- What were the main criteria when you chose a new club?
- Lokomotiv is a present day face of Russian football. It is also important for to have as much as possible time on the pitch.
- Do you have a computer?
- Yes, I have it since I joined Spartak and I am an experienced user.
- What is your favourite European championship?
- Spanish.

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